I offer Disability Equality Training (DET) to all types of businesses and organisations. As a disabled person, and trainer specialising in Disability Equality Training I aspire to challenge assumptions and perceptions held by society about disabled people. The ultimate purpose being to make society more equal and fair for all. As a trainer with livid experience of disability, my purpose is to inform on the issues disabled people face and highlight the impact these have on their daily lives.

Specifically I aim to:

Inform and support organisations and individuals regarding their legal responsibilities under the Equally Act 2010 in relation to disabled people by providing Disability Equality Training (DET)
To develop a wider understanding of the challenges faced by disabled people on an individual and societal level including societies perceptions of disability
Deliver training to individuals interested in working with disabled people through becoming their personal assistants (PA’s) thereby supporting independent living for disabled people.
Promote greater inclusivity for disabled people by making society more equal and fair for all.